Rio Pintado (Painted River)

 Rio Pintado;  Painted River

Age as of 2017: 23 years old
Breed: Arab/Saddlebred cross
Registered: No
Height: 14’3
Disiplines: Jumpers, Eventing/Cross Country, basic dressage, western pleasure, gaming, trail, liberty training
Current Training Status: Semi-retired, with a focus on trail. Slowly introducing roping, as well as continuing with desensitization and/or bomb proofing. Very light jumping still included in week to week regimen, maintaining a balanced, controlled pace has been a reoccurring issue.


History: Started under saddle and bred to be a circuit show jumper, but when he did not preform was mildly abused (rough riding) and over the years because an extremely hard mouthed and defensive horse. Labeled “unrideable” when he was sold off to a buyer who then turned a profit selling him to a trainer who wanted to use him for his purpose, jumping. But luckily for Rio this trainer had a gentle approach which is exactly what he needed, and he went on to excel in the sport.


Special Skills: A talented jumper in his prime, hardy (minimal vet farm calls & lameness, no colic), just about a bombproof trail horse (in the making, that is his happy place), too smart for his own good, fast, good hearted, and reliable
Room for Improvement: Needs to lose a few (with age as come a few lbs…), needs to pay more attention at times (Mr. ADD), lifting during lateral work (comes with controlling his pace and excitement), stop being a stinker to the other ponies 😉